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Email Setup
Setting Up E-Mail

Setting Up E-Mail



Userid _________________


Password_________________ (Account Password must be minimum characters 5–32 can only letters or numbers)


Important Details


Use Webmail when you are away from your home computer to send and receive e-mail at:



Summary of the Setup: (Detailed Instructions Below)


POP Server for Incoming e-mail will be:

SMTP Server for Outgoing e-mail will be:


SMTP Server requires authentication with the same settings as incoming.

For the login the whole name  must be used



In preparation you should run all of your Windows Updates and select any critical updates that exist for your operating system (95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP).  This is very important for preventing headaches for you during this process.  This process will not work if your Critical Windows Updates are not done.


In addition to the Critical Windows Updates - Select any Window Updates related to Internet Explorer or Outlook in the category under your operating system(95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP). 


In addition to running Windows updates you should update Virus definitions and do full anti-virus scans of your computers.




Outlook Steps


Step 1:
From the Tools menu on the top menu bar of your Outlook program and click Accounts.

Step 2:
Click Add and then Mail on the top right side of the dialogue box.

Step 3:
Type in your Display Name. This is the name that will appear in the From field on your outgoing messages. Then click Next.

Step 4:
Type in your email address. This is the address people will use to send you an email. It will look similar to  Then click Next.

Step 5:
Select POP3 as your incoming mail server.

Then type in your Incoming and Outgoing Mail Server names.

Incoming Mail Server name:

Outgoing Mail Server name:

Then click Next.

Step 6:
Type in your email address as your account name.  (Must have the full

Type in the password that you used when you set up your email account.(Capitalization matters for the password —Uppercase and lowercase)

Check Remember Password


Verify that Login using secure password authentication SPA is NOT checked and is blank

Then click Next.


Step 7:
Choose the method you use to connect to the Internet.
If you are connected to a local area network (LAN) that is connected to the Internet, select Connect using my local area network (LAN).

Then click Next.

Step 8:
If you chose to make your Internet connection either through a LAN or to establish your connection manually, click Finish.

Step 10:
Click on the new account name and then click Properties.

Step 11:
Click on the Servers tab.

Step 12:
In the Outgoing Mail Server section, check the box My server requires authentication. Then click Settings.

Step 13:
Select Log on using same settings as incoming. Click OK. Then click OK in the next window.


Step 14:

Congratulations your E-Mail Account is setup in Outlook

*These instructions are for Outlook.




Note: Outlook 2000 for Microsoft Office requires Service Release 1 to work correctly.

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